Julia's Juices

Husband-and-Wife Collaboration


Inspiration for Juicing

Javier Magana’s career switch was precipitated by a car crash that sidelined him from restaurant work. 'I just started planting in our yard,' he said. To help him regain his health, Magana’s wife, Julia Gomez, started juicing the fresh produce he grew at home. Her approach worked, leading the couple to launch their own business, Julia’s Juices.”


Farm to Glass


Julia’s Juices offers super fresh juices! By picking all of our produce the day before, and juicing everything the day of farmers' markets, Julia’s Juices ensures that you are getting amazingly fresh juice that is unlike anything you can make at home!




Javier ( Julia’s husband), the tenant farmer of Red Barn Farms at City Farm SLO, grows local pesticide-free produce.




Javier picks the seasonal produce the day before juicing, and transports it from San Luis Obispo to Grover Beach. 




Using a Norwalk extractor, Julia juices the freshly-picked produce at her juice bar and farm fresh cafe in Grover Beach.




The juice is sold 6 days a week at the juice bar and cafe, and at 9 weekly farmers' markets all over SLO County. Come try it!


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Julia's Juices offers high-quality juices

Aside from farming most of our own produce and using local pesticide-free fruits we use a high-end press that extracts all nutrients, enzymes, acids, proteins, and soluble fibers so that your body receives maximum nutrients.

The Norwalk Extractor was invented by a doctor that believes in the power of naturally-derived raw nutrients.

Raw cold-pressed juices provide your body with instant nutrition, all nutrients are absorbed into the bloodstream within 15 minutes of ingestion and gives you a boost of energy and a high sense of alertness. Raw juices are also very effective in naturally detoxing and cleansing your entire system; from your blood to your digestive system and helps to stabilize your entire body.


The Norwalk Extractor uses two steps:



The Norwalk Extractor crushes all your fruits and veggies in place of using blades or graters. The Norwalk’s motor does not heat up our fruits and veggies—which ensures that no nutrition is lost.


The second step is to place the crushed natural goodness into a mesh bag and place it on a hydraulic press that uses pressure to press out all nutrients.